Roothy talks tanks for Milo #2

“For the past 15 years travelling with Milo I’ve had a standard 60L fuel tank and dealt with the need for extra fuel by using jerry cans on the roof rack or sometimes out of necessity in the cab. I have had my fair share of diesel showers as a result of a jerry can leak. With Milo 2 things are going to be done right, I am not keen on having a single large tank as I still like to have the redundancy of a second source of fuel. This is where Cameron from Brown Davis came to the party, he has a 40 series himself and has done his fair share of remote travel so he understands the situation. His solution involves a second tank with a full crossover capability so that the engine can be run off either tank independently should anything happen to the other one. The Brown Davis tanks are made from 2mm quality steel and manufactured in Melbourne, so it will be a real quality job.”