The story

2018 will mark 40 years since David Brown founded  Brown Davis Automotive in Melbourne, Australia. At the very beginning David helped create a light weight aluminium fuel tank to help Rod Stephen Racing get the extra laps they needed around Mount Panorama, Bathurst. Who knew this would soon lead to a close friend wanting this same principle applied to his 40 series land cruiser to get him to the tip of Cape York. Suddenly Brown Davis long range fuel tanks were born. Now 40 years later we make over 200+ tanks for the Australian and US military, mining vehicles, trucks, carpet cleaning vans, motorhomes and of course your average family 4WD. To celebrate the 40 year milestone we are restoring a 1978 Landcruiser 40 Series Shorty. We have partnered up with some of the other pioneers of the 4wd industry to bring the old days back to life.

The build

Overall :

  • Early model 40 series body and chassis used. Chassis is high tensile steel riveted together – cannot be welded along the ladder frame, only at each end past the last riveted cross members. All new brackets & cross members bolted on.
  • Used 60 series axel assemblies front and rear, wider, stronger & bigger brakes.

Suspension :

  • Reversed front springs to have the fixed eye at the front (less axel steer on bump) and moved axel forward 50mm.
  • Changed diff pinion angle to align tail shaft (reduced vibration) and give 3.5 deg positive caster (much better steering stability at speed).
  • Mover rear springs back on side rails of the chassis 150mm ( total wheelbase extended by 200mm)
  • Used 60 series long travel shocks front & rear – mounts on chassis made to suit.

New wheels- Cooper Tires come through with goods

David Brown – Brown Davis Director pretty happy with his new toy.

Roll Cage