Introducing the UG2 Underguards

2016 will mark 30 years since David Brown (Brown Davis Managing Director) designed and manufactured our first ever Underguards for the 1986 IFS Hilux.

Now, 30 years on we are excited to release our new 2nd generation Undeguards (UG2).

With so many IFS vehicles now coming on the market Vehicle Underbody Protection is more important then ever.

We have all heard a story of someone that has seized an engine from a punched sump, or maybe someone who has paid thousands to repair a cracked transfer case.

Now with the release of the UG2 Underbody Vehicle Protection the slogan might have to change.

“Serious underbody armour!” is now “even more serious underbody armour!”

What hasn’t changed??  As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, so some things will remain the same. The guards will still be manufactured from 3mm steel. We have found this gauge of steel is sufficiently resistant to damage by impact, yet absorbent enough to bend and not damage vehicle chassis and cross members. The guards are still laser cut and come with a grey powder coated finish.


What’s changed?? All UG2 Underguards are sold as full sets. Everything from your bumper/bulbar back to your vehicles Transfer Case will be covered. In most cases this includes radiator, steering, sump, transmission, transfer and 4wd actuator. Producing and stocking the guards in full sets allows for significant price improvements for the end customer.

Unlike old generation Underguards that used bolt head protection rings the UG2 bolt heads are now recessed to protect them from impact.

UG2 Underbody protection are made up of several smaller guards where in the past larger guards where used to cover the same area. This is to make installation and removal during servicing easier.

Oil drain points and oil drain covers are no longer utilised on these guards as we feel all underbody protection should be removed and cleaned during servicing. Leaving an opening for draining fluids can leave a hole for a stick or other object to leaver off and break vital vehicle components.


Vehicles available now – Click to view

Toyota Hilux 2015-Present

Toyota Prado 150 Series


Vehicles coming soon –

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Toyota Fortuner 2016-Present

Ford Ranger PX

Mazda BT50 2011-Present

Holden Colorado RG

Isuzu DMAX 2012-Present

200 Series Landcruiser


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